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Q&A: Importance of Creativity

Why is it important to be creative?

"Creativity is tied to the soul's purpose. It is the way through which spiritual and emotional expression can occur to share something uniquely beautiful with the self and with others. All people can be touched in different ways through their interaction of another's creativity as well as heal the creator from a spiritual level. It also raises your personal vibrations to bring you into greater alignment with your true self.

Creativity is also merged with intuition. It resides side by side with this constant flow of energy containing spiritual guidance. When you are creative, when you create, you not only tap into this spiritual energy but you also become a Creator, manipulating inner and outer energies and elements to use your own power to make something that was born from your soul, whether it be used to assist the self, a few individuals, or the collective.

Creativity is your connection to your Higher Self, therefore a connection to your true self and purpose."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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