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Q&A: Becoming Aware of Spiritual Guidance

How can I be more aware of the guidance and messages that my spirit guides send me?

"Know that everyone has a natural ability to receive and be aware of guidance shared by Spirit, your spiritual team, and your Higher Self. However, your mind becomes cluttered, so to speak, with distractions and worries that pertain to the world around you, which oftentimes quiets or temporarily shuts off the ability to recognize spiritual guidance in any form. So we would say the first step in growing your awareness is to become open to how Spirit does communicate with you. There is not only one way in which we communicate, it is more often subtle instead of a grand gesture - something just enough to catch your attention, to make you think a second longer, to prompt your own research or to make a decision. Becoming open minded and trusting in your own intuition are the keys to becoming more aware. Rely on YOUR judgment, YOUR feelings, YOUR inner knowing, pay attention to repeating number patterns, animals that cross your path, music, your nightly dreams, astrological influences, the phases of the moon, inspired thoughts, physical sensations and impulsive emotions or thoughts, your passions, your outer surroundings, oracle and tarot cards, etc. ALL of these and more are ways that we are communicating with you, but you must PAY ATTENTION and become MINDFUL of your inner and outer world to notice them, and as you pay attention and apply what you notice to yourself and your current circumstances, you will find that your ability to receive and decode this guidance increases."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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