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Common Properties Associated with the Crystals We Offer:

  • Amethyst: associated with psychic and intuitive abilities, and spiritual communication

  • Apatite: associated with self expression, inspiration, motivation, and creativity.

  • Amazonite: associated with self expression, balance, and perspective

  • Aquamarine: associated with the emotional body, spiritual awareness, the nervous system.

  • Black Tourmaline: associated with protection and stress relief.

  • Blue Kyanite blades: associated with Letting go of old emotions and releasing the past, and with the throat chakra.

  • Blue Lace Agate: associated with peace and the throat chakra.

  • Carnelian: associated with security, courage, will power, and determination.

  • Citrine: associated with prosperity and creativity.

  • Clear Quartz: associated with memory and psychic ability

  • Lapis Lazuli: associated with communication, integrity and truth, and the third eye chakra, connecting to spiritual wisdom and clairvoyance.

  • Moonstone: associated with stress, emotional balance, intuition, and empathy.

  • Rainbow Fluorite- associated with balancing chakras and physical, emotional, mental bodies, aids in spiritual awakening and enlightenment, facilitates communication with spiritual team.

  • Red Jasper: associated with healthy boundaries and protection, and with the root chakra.

  • Rhodonite: associated with emotional balance, grounding, and the heart chakra.

  • Rose Quartz: associated with harmony, love, and peace.

  • Selenite: associated with mental clarity, intuition, stress relief, and cleansing

  • Tiger's Eye: associated with self confidence and personal power.

  • Unakite: associated with emotional balance, helps facilitate restful sleep, increases will power, possibly helps with addictive behaviors.

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