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A Note About Free Will

One of our clients had a question about soul incarnations, essentially asking if incarnating to Earth, and doing so numerous times, was available to all souls or just certain ones. The answer that came through from my spiritual team has stuck with me for several days now, which is usually my indication that it needs to be shared. :)

"All souls can choose where they want to incarnate based on the lesson they wish to learn and soul development they wish to experience. Some may incarnate more frequently in certain places but everyone has the choice because of free will. ALL souls have free will, the gift of choice. Souls CHOOSE to incarnate on different planes and planets, including Earth, for individual and collective development. Souls CHOOSE to participate in world events, some positive in nature and some negative in nature, that serve the purpose of exposing a truth and raising the vibrations of a planet and those inhabiting it. There is both a collective mission and an individual mission for each lifetime, whether the collective mission is to impact ten or thousands of individuals; HOWEVER, if at any time a soul CHOOSES to end their contract or their part within these missions, the future reweaves itself and another soul steps in, one who CHOSE to be a back up before incarnation. ALL have a CHOICE, within spiritual and physical form, so there are endless possibilities in how an event, circumstance, or life may play out. The key is to remember to CHOOSE wisely, meaning to make choices that support your best and highest good always."

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