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Discovery Through Intuition

Trust your intuition.

We hear it over and over again. Yeah, yeah...broken record...we get it already...

Usually we think this advice has to do with huge life changing decisions, potentially life threatening situations, or our life's purposes. And, yes, while that is true it also deals with day to day occurrences and our general feelings about something or someone.

Here's an example:

During my pregnancies with both of my daughters, I drew unique pictures for them that represented empowerment, confidence, and self acceptance - something that was special, meant just for them, and made with love that they could look at every night. I drew six pictures for both of them. When I was deciding what scenes to draw, I went with whatever image popped into my head - my intuition.

This is first picture I drew for my older daughter's and it perfectly sums up her personality. She's sensitive, very compassionate, and graceful. She's got her own unique style of tutu tomboy fancy, and she's eager to explore activities ranging from playing football, learning how to use tools, making jewelry, and pretending to be a unicorn mommy.


This is the first picture I drew for my younger daughter. Not only does it capture her love of tigers (which she discovered on her own a few months ago), but it definitely shows her go-getter personality, her inability to back down, her desire for action, and her happy go lucky disposition.


Both of these pictures where a result of me following my intuition to provide something beautiful for my daughters, and both of them captured part of their beautiful personalities, giving me glimpses of what was to come, that I have watched develop over the past four years.

Trust your intuition and follow through with gut feeling impulses. You'll be surprised at what you learn, even if it takes you a little while to make the connection. :)

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