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Emotions and Healing from Pain

Emotions are Energy. This is a message that is coming up a lot lately in our channeled readings. Emotions ARE Energy.

Many of us, including me, try to bottle up our emotions in an attempt to maintain control and to not appear weak. To toughen up, to keep it together. That has always been my M.O. for sure.

But I had an interesting message from my Guides this morning and I want to share it with you:

“When you don’t allow yourself to FEEL your emotions- when you constantly push them aside and deny how you feel- you are not getting rid of them at all. Emotions are indeed energy and this energy stagnates within your body’s various systems in an attempt to be acknowledged, addressed, and released. This is the cause of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies’ discomforts and illnesses, plain and simple. Your sickness and all forms of pain are the result of you not facing and dealing with your emotions- your feelings. And the physical body will manifest aches and pains in an attempt to draw your attention to the emotional upset that is being symbolized through the body’s malady. It is truly that simple. Emotions are energy and this energy remains within the body until it is acknowledged and released. And unresolved emotions from past lives factor into this too- especially manifesting as conditions one is born with. ALL emotion factors in and is triggered in one's awareness when the soul is ready to face it and deal with it.”

Ironically (but not really, lol) I was cleaning out my Brita pitcher as I was receiving this information and the correspondences to stagnant and flowing water came immediately to my mind. Look at it this way: We are the Pitcher and the Water is our Emotion. If we leave the water sitting stagnant in the pitcher, eventually mold will grow- yucky buildup. And even when we pour from the pitcher and add to the pitcher daily, we still have to clean it out with a good washing from time to time. Just something to think about…

If you are interested in the past life connection to all of this, you may enjoy Kelly's blog posts dealing with past lives and their connection to your present life. I find it all quite fascinating! Here is a link to one of those to get you started:

Many blessings, Ellen ☺

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