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Candles and Channeling: Give It A Try

Fun fact: All-natural colored soy candles (like the kind Kelly and I make) are especially prone to streaking and splotches called Frosting. Frosting is actually pretty to me and I use the frosting as a divination tool- an opportunity to channel- and so can you!! Read on and then try the exercise at the bottom of this post!

When we make our candles, we try to cut down on this frosting effect by heating our jars before pouring the wax and by allowing the candles to cool slowly on cooling racks. But with our unpredictable weather in NC, I have come to embrace the fact that frosting is simply an aspect of candle making. SO- I am using this as an opportunity to READ my candle wax!

Much like reading tea leaves, CANDLE WAX CAN BE EASILY READ. Give it a try!! It is actually fun and easy!! Spirit uses what your eyes see in the wax to speak to you. You will be tempted to say that it is just your imagination, but it is not. By gazing into the candle, you are allowing your logical mind to step aside, thus allowing you to hear the inspired thoughts that Spirit is sending your way. How about that!!

All of our candles and other products are on sale this week through Sunday, 11/17. Visit our Etsy Shop and place your order today @ Blessings and Light- Ellen 😀

Channeling Exercise: Here are two candles that YOU can use to try this out. Gaze into the picture of the candle. No pressure, just gaze. Notice what thoughts pop into your mind after a few minutes. It will NOT be your imagination, LOL! Feel free to share what "comes to you" during this little exercise. What "comes to you" is called "channeled information". See- you CAN channel! 😃💕

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