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Crystals as Spiritual Tools: Part 6

Meeting the Rock People

My personal relationship with crystals began about six years ago. I was a recent graduate from my hometown university’s education program, was several months into my first year teaching seventh and eighth grade English at a small town middle school, and was not only stressed out to the max…

I was miserable.

Part of this stemmed from the inevitable struggles most if not all first year teachers experience. There I was, fresh out of college, trained to expect to walk into a classroom full of eager children ready to learn and wanting to better themselves, with resources in my back pocket to enforce the high levels of learning that my prospective students would devour and rise to meet…

Of course, I can laugh about it now. But at the time all I could think was What have I gotten myself into? Why did I choose this career? Why didn’t I listen to my mom? Growing up she said I could be whatever I wanted except a teacher. I was going to be a psychologist. Why didn’t I just stick with that?

The reiki master I saw regularly for energetic “tune ups,” as I refer to them, suggested that I visit the local crystal shop. She was sure I would find some relief through working with crystals, carrying them around with me, and having them in my classroom. Desperate for relief, as soon as I left her office I drove to the crystal shop, walked inside, and was instantly overwhelmed by an energetic force that I had never felt before.

The energy in the shop seemed to pulse in its own rhythmic vibration, and I found myself feeling “buzzed” as I walked around the tiny store. I felt my own personal energy, my aura, rising until I could’ve sworn I was floating in and out of the displays scattered around the area. It was incredible. To this day, I have yet to recreate that feeling.

The friendly owner of the store soon came to help me. I shared with him my situation, and that I had no clue about crystals or how they worked. With his help, I ultimately settled on a black tourmaline necklace to wear while I was in the school building for protection against negative energy as well as to stabilize my emotions. I also choose four angelite stones to put inconspicuously in the four corners of my classroom to promote peace and tranquility within the room.

I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything to ease the remainder of the school year. While I kept an open mind and was hopeful for relief, I was doubtful. How could five tiny stones change my situation?

The next day at school, I wore my new black tourmaline necklace and placed the angelite crystals in the four corners of my classroom. That was the first day I was only slightly stressed instead of being stressed out to the max. That was the first day my classroom contained extremely focused and quiet students. And that was the first day that I didn’t hate my job.

Placebo effect? Maybe. Did this tranquil-ish environment continue every day throughout the remainder of the school year? Absolutely not, teenagers were involved! But did I physically feel calmer every day for the rest of the school year? Yes.

I was no longer tense, I was no longer plagued with stress induced migraines, I didn’t have to battle through every single day. The very evident shift I felt within myself was large enough for me, my family (who I’d drug along with me in the trenches), and my colleagues to notice.

It was large enough for me to feel as if I’d been invited into a secret world, a magical world. I knew there was no going back. I had to learn more about crystals, what they were, what they did, and how they worked.

And that is exactly what I did, and my life has never been the same.

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