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Crystals as Spiritual Tools: Part 5

How to Program Crystals

Once you have cleansed your crystals, you will need to program them in order to receive the full benefit of their healing and therapeutic presence. In order to do this, you simply need to hold the crystal in your hands and use your own intention, visualization, will, prayer, or imagination (all work) to instill in it a specific task. Keep the intention in your mind as you continue to hold the crystal, and imagine your thoughts being carried by white light into the crystal. Continue to do this for several minutes, or until you feel the crystal has been programmed with your intention. Crystals will need to be reprogrammed periodically depending on the type of energy in their environment and their specific usage.

As a holistic crystal therapist, I have a set of crystals specifically used for healing purposes, as well as crystals for my own personal use around my house. The crystals used for healing have been programmed through my intention for their unique properties to promote healing and wellbeing for clients, while the others around my home are programmed to simply increase the wellbeing of my family in whatever way that is needed at any given time.

Benefits of Working with Crystals

  • An improved or enhanced state of wellbeing.

  • Reduced or removal of symptoms of disease or illness.

  • An improvement in emotional health or issues.

  • Mental clarity.

  • Reduction in stress.

  • Opened and free flowing chakras.

  • Balance in one or more areas of life.

  • Healing and development physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

  • Protection.​

Remember, crystals are living stones - always thank them before and after use!

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