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Crystals as Spiritual Tools: Part 4

How to Choose Crystals

The preferred method of selecting crystals is by choosing the one(s) that you are drawn to - this involves trusting your intuition. You could be attracted to crystals for any of the following reasons: size, shape, color, or touch. Once you feel a pull toward a certain crystal, do not ignore the sensation. It has been said that crystals choose their owners. However, crystals can be chosen based on their healing properties for the removal of specific symptoms and ailments, for deeper meditations and spiritual purposes, for emotional healing, for relationships and communication, for protection, to build a personal collection or kit, or purely for decoration!

Regardless of the reason, the crystals you choose come to you for a specific reason or purpose, even if you are consciously unaware of the reason. A crystal reference guide can provide much insight on specific crystals, as well as why you may have selected them, or received them as gifts, during certain times of your life.


How to Care for Crystals

Because crystals absorb and maintain the energy around them, both positive and negative, it is imperative that they are cleansed of any residual energy they may have stored in order to reset them to their natural vibration. This will allow those working with crystals to receive the full benefits of their healing presence. It is very important to cleanse a crystal as soon as you bring it home - you never know the nature of the energy the crystal has stored!

  • Always clean gathered dust from the crystal with a cloth or small make-up brush.

  • If your crystals won't be damaged by water or are nonporous, submerge them in lightly salted water (use sea salt or Himalayan pink salt only - do not use table salt) for an hour and then pat dry. Make sure to reference the specific crystal's properties before using this method to avoid ruining the stone!

  • Hold your water-soluble crystals under running water for several minutes, or place your crystals beside the running water.

  • Place your crystals in the moonlight, preferably the full or new moon, for the duration of the night.

  • Bury your crystals in the earth for at least one week.

  • Light your preferred incense or smudge stick and allow the smoke to waft over the crystal, or use an essential oil smudging spray to lightly mist each stone.

  • If you possess a large geode or cluster made of any kind of quartz, you can place smaller crystals inside of it for at least twenty-four hours.

  • Place your crystals near a Tibetan singing bowl or bells to allow the vibrations to cleanse it.

  • Hold the in your hands and visualize white light passing through them into the crystal. Visualize this light cleaning the crystal of all unwanted energy. Hold this visualization until you feel as if the crystal has been cleared.

*Note: Crystals worn or used for protection should be cleansed daily after each use. ​

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