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Crystals as Spiritual Tools: Part 3

Crystals for Healing

The vibrational properties each crystals possess and emanates can realign and rebalance the chakras, allowing your energy to flow freely through them.

In order to use crystals for this purpose, you can select crystals that match the color of each chakra or research the properties of certain stones that aid the healing of a specific physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue.

It doesn't matter if you lay down and place each stone on its corresponding chakra, carry the stones in your pocket, or keep them near/around you during the day or night - simply being in proximity to their vibrations will bring healing.

The Basic Chakra System

Root/Base Chakra

  • Protection, physical identity, safety, survival, security, stability, and grounding (connection to Earth)​​

  • Spinal column, skeletal system, immune system, reproductive system (primarily in men), legs, feet

  • Adrenal gland

Sacral Chakra

  • Nurturing, creativity, desire, sensation, movement and change, sexuality

  • Reproductive system (primarily in women), kidneys, bladder

  • Reproductive glands

Solar Plexus

  • Abundance, personal power, personal will, self-confidence, self-esteem ambition, trust

  • Digestive system

  • Pancreas

Heart Chakra

  • Love, compassion, empathy, emotions, relationships, forgiveness, self-love, hope, joy, family

  • Circulatory system, heart, lungs, diaphragm

  • Thymus

Throat Chakra

  • Communication, personal truth, judgment, criticism, self-expression, honesty

  • Neck, throat, mouth, ears

  • Thyroid

Third Eye

  • Intuition, conscience, ideas, wisdom, spiritual awareness, dreams

  • Face, eyes, nose, sinuses, brain

  • Pituitary gland

Crown Chakra

  • Inspiration, unconditional love, selflessness, enlightenment, connection to the life force

  • Nervous system, top of the head, brain

  • Pineal gland

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