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Dreaming for Healing

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

I had an amazing revelation this morning due to last night's dreams.

Let me begin by saying that just because I am a dream interpreter doesn't mean that I am an amazing dreamer. Sometimes I remember my dreams in great detail, sometimes I only remember fragments, and sometimes I hardly remember anything. But I LOVE interpreting dreams. So I have developed a strategy that really helps me to interpret my dreams during those times when I only remember fragments: I review all of the night's dreams/fragments and interpret from the sum total of what I remember. This works because normally our dreams of the night are all dealing with the same waking life issue, just presenting the issue in differing scenarios to help get the message across to us.

This morning I remembered several fragments. At first they seemed unrelated: 2 dreams involving me shooting inside my house at some unknown person/people, 1 dream of cleaning up inside a house and helping to prepare a banquet that involved strawberries, and 1 dream of going to the grocery store trying to find some yummy, gluten-free cereal, only to find one brand that I was not satisfied with.

Here is the background information from my waking life that ties all of these fragments together: For about 10 years, I have had lots of digestive problems (IBS, varying food intolerances, gallbladder problems). My interpretation from these dream fragments blew me away. The shooting dreams are about how I am "attacking my body" by continuing to feed it what is unhealthy for it. (Many times, houses in dreams represent our body.) Even though I eat healthy foods, I am not giving my body what IT needs to be healthy. The "cleaning up the house" and "strawberry" banquet dream is about cleaning up my food choices. (Again, the house representing my body. I have dreamed of strawberries several times lately, so I take this as a call to incorporate strawberries into my diet.) And finally, the "grocery store" dream where I am looking for gluten free cereal and can only find one brand, not two- seems to be a call for me to limit these types of foods in my diet.

What I initially thought of as several random dream fragments from the night turned out to be a HUGE message from my subconscious: I have caused my own physical problems by fighting against my body with food. In order to regain healthy functioning of my digestive system, I need to stop fighting against my body and give it what IT NEEDS instead of what I WANT. WOW. This may seem pretty simplistic, but for me it is quite a revelation! I have caused my own health problems (dis-ease) by not listening to my body. It has been trying to tell me this for years, I just haven't wanted to listen.

As with any dream interpretation, the final stage of the interpretation is to APPLY what we have learned. Wish me luck!

Keep dreaming,


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