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Don't Have Time for Dreams? Try these Strategies

Someone shared with me recently that she is not able to work with her dreams consistently because many times they are long and complicated and she just doesn't have time in the mornings to write them down. (Thank you S.) I understand! This is a common problem. And when we don't write down our dreams in the morning, most times they are forgotten quickly.

The good news is there are strategies you can use that will help with your dream recall so you can work with them later. These strategies do need to be implemented in the morning when you awaken, but they will only take a minute or two. I suggest doing at least #1-3 for best recall. Be sure to have paper and pencil beside your bed.

1. Give your dream a title.  2. Include how the dream made you feel. 3. Write down the names of the people who were in your dream and any symbols that stood out in the dream (include colors). 4. Write down the "skeleton" of the dream (basic action).

Try these strategies and see what works best for you. Having this basic information about your dream should help jog your memory, allowing you to come back to your dream later in the day for interpretation. I hope this helps!

Happy dreaming! Ellen  (picture: Somebody likes my office chairs!) 

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