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How to Remember Your Dreams: Tend Your Garden

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The biggest obstacle to dream interpretation: Not being able to remember your dreams. Pretty obvious, I know. All of us struggle with dream recall from time to time and some of us seem to never remember any dreams. Why is this a problem? Because dreams offer practical guidance specifically designed for you. Who doesn't want guidance from a Higher Source? I sure do! If you do, too, then look no further. In this article I will provide tips and strategies to help you remember your dreams, and in doing so, receive the guidance that is available to you.

Tip 1. Set an intention before going to bed that you would like to remember your dreams upon awakening. This could be in the form of a prayer or just a "mental note" to yourself. (And get plenty of sleep- not getting enough sleep cuts into your dreaming time!)

Tip 2. Keep a notebook and several pencils beside your bed and write down anything that you remember. If you wake up during the night, write your dream down. Even key words/thoughts will help you to remember the dream in the morning.

Tip 3. Upon awakening, don't move and don't let your mind get busy with thoughts related to anything except your dreams. Once your mind gets busy thinking about what you need to do for the day ahead, you will probably not be able to recall your dreams. Stay in that sleepy "dream-state" and let any memories or feelings come forth. Then write them down.

Tip 4. Let your subconscious mind (your dreaming mind) know that you are serious about wanting to remember your dreams. There are many ways to do this: By applying what you have learned from your dreams in your daily life, by discussing your dreams with a trusted friend or family member, by trying to interpret your dream or having someone help you interpret your dream, by joining a dream interpretation group, and by studying/reading dream related materials. Consider joining mailing lists of dream teachers or follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

When you begin showing an active interest in your dreams, you will begin to remember them. Dream work is like tending a beautiful garden: Seeds must be planted (set your intention to remember), it must be fertilized and watered (record, ponder, discuss), weeded (read, research, study), and finally harvested (interpreted and applied). Following these steps, with patience and dedication, should ensure a bountiful harvest.

Keep dreaming,

Ellen :)

For those interested:

-Be sure to check out our YouTube channel's 10 mini lessons on learning to interpret your own dreams along with more Dream related posts here on our blog.

-I am a certified dream interpretation teacher and interpreter. Other dream teachers that I recommend include Fran Kramer, Henry Reed, Bobbie Ann Pimm, Robert Moss, and Ryan Hurd. --See our Additional Resources page for more information.

-We also offer dream interpretations through our Shop page.

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