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Dream Interpretation: It's Not Just About the Symbols

Have you ever dreamed you were looking for a bathroom? Or that your car was out of control? Have you ever dreamed you were running through an airport trying to catch a plane? Or dreamed of spiders and snakes?

When we experience these perplexing dreams, many times we go to the computer and search for the meaning of our dream symbols. Often, having found the dream symbol's meaning, we wish that we hadn't. Sometimes the interpretations we find make sense, but many times we are left confused or even frightened by our findings.

Here is the good news: Dream interpretation is not just about the symbols. Dream interpretation involves much more. Of course the symbols are important, extremely important in my opinion, but much more is involved. When we look at a dream, we need to look at all aspects of the dream. Symbols are just one aspect. During a dream interpretation, I view the dream as I would a piece of literature. A dream is a story. It is a story that is being told to you for your benefit. So, in addition to the symbols, we need to look at the plot/action of the dream- what is happening. Next we look at the characters and setting -who is in the dream and what do they represent (see blog post "People in our Dreams" 2/24/17), and where and when does the dream take place. If I am assisting you with a dream interpretation, we will talk through all of these elements in order to get an understanding of the dream's theme. In other words: What does this dream seem to be about and how does it relate to what is going on in your life at this time? Then we look at the symbols of the dream within the context of the dream's theme to determine what meanings resonate with the dreamer.

So dream interpretation is truly NOT just about the symbols. It involves much more. Interpreting a dream is like reading a beautiful piece of literature. Only the story is YOUR story and its message is for YOU. Contact me. I am here to help!

Keep dreaming,


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