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Visitation Dreams: Comfort from the Other Side

Bobbie Ann Pimm states in her book,"Notes from a Dreamer... on Dreaming", that she believes there are three basic types of dreams: 1. Dreams dealing with everyday issues/occurrences and with repressed memories/emotions. 2. Spiritual and personal growth dreams that provide guidance for our life's path. 3. Psychic dreams that provide precognitive/intuitive information and visitations from deceased loved ones.

All of us, at one time or another, have experienced, and will experience, all three types. The third type, Psychic dreams- specifically Visitation Dreams- is what I want to focus on in today's post. When Edgar Cayce the, "Sleeping Prophet", was asked about a dream in which a woman had a "visit" from her deceased mother in her dreams, he responded that "there is no death, only the transition from the physical to the spiritual plane." (reading 136-33)

A friend of mine shared the following dream with me some while back. This is a dream that occurred thirty plus years ago, but he still remembers it vividly. (I am sharing this with his permission.)

"My brother was terminally ill- cancer. Before he died, I asked him if he was prepared to die. He said he was. I knew church theology and had been worried- where would he go when he died? After he died, I had a dream. I dreamed I was walking by myself in the snow. It was a large open area. My brother walked up to me. He looked great- strong and healthy. I asked him how he was doing - he did not look sick. I said, "You're not sick any more!" He said that he felt great and that he was fine. No pain. Then I woke up. A sense of peace and comfort entered my mind. I was struck at just how real it all seemed. I felt confident that I had seen my brother and that he was indeed alright. I was so relieved! Everything in the dream was white, bright, no darkness, no gloom, no sadness - just peaceful."

There was no need to interpret this dream. It is purely a visitation by this man's brother, providing him with the peace of knowing that he still exists and that the love between them still exists. The "deceased" brother was able to communicate with his beloved brother through the dream state- the time in which the conscious mind and its fears are set aside and the more receptive subconscious mind takes over. Even though there was no need for an interpretation, we did discuss the significance of the snowy, bright scenery of the dream. My friend felt that this snow scene represented a cleansing, a fresh start- bright, refreshed, cleansed, new... Heaven. And that is what the "deceased" loved one wanted to show his brother: That he was restored-no more sickness, no more pain- at peace- cleansed and renewed.

I believe that our loved ones are never far from us- as close as a thought, a memory, ... or a dream. Keep dreaming, Ellen :)

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