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Dreaming of Death

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death? A few weeks before he was assassinated, Abraham Lincoln dreamed that he heard crying in the White House. In his dream, he got up from bed and walked to the East Room and saw a coffin draped for a funeral with soldiers standing guard. There were lots of people there crying and mourning. When he asked one of the soldiers who had died, the soldier told him that it was the president and he had been killed by an assassin. It was at this point that Mr. Lincoln awoke from his dream. After his actual assassination, it is reported that what Mr. Lincoln "saw" in his dream was played out in "real-life": The casket was placed in the East Room of the White House with soldiers in attendance, and people were crying and mourning- the president had been assassinated. This was a prophetic dream. The dreamer dreamed about an event that actually occurred later.

Perhaps you have dreamed about a death of someone you know, or even your own death. Many times the deaths in our dreams are actually symbolic of CHANGE. When I first began working with dreams years ago, I dreamed of the death of a friend. It was extremely disturbing. But they didn't die- the dream was about a change in that person's life! But I have also dreamed of deaths of loved ones where they DID actually die, as in Mr. Lincoln's dream. So how do you know the difference?

A big clue is this: Does the dream seem more "symbolic" in nature? Most dreams have symbols and qualities that make them seem "surreal". This can be a clue that a "death" dream is probably symbolic of some type of change. If the dream seems "realistic", as Mr. Lincoln's dream did, well- sometimes these ARE prophetic dreams. But don't jump to any conclusions! When working with dream interpretation we look at the whole picture. The dreaming mind does what it has to do to get your attention- so pay attention. :)

Keep dreaming!

Ellen :)

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