Frequently Asked Questions

How do you channel and what is a channeled reading?

Channeling is simply receiving information from Spirit. For a channeled reading, you may pose a question for us to ask your Spirit Guides or you may just want a "general reading" with no specific question. Either is fine. When we have your request, Ellen or Kelly will go into a time of meditation, which raises our vibration, and then we will connect with our Spirit Guides and your Spirit Guides through prayer/petition/intention and ask your question for you. We then receive information in our minds from the Guides and write down all that we receive. Once the Guides are finished, we will share what we have received with you. We are all capable of channeling. Whenever you have an inspired thought you have channeled. It is a natural process.

Can you predict the future?

While everyone has their own individual journey and goals to reach over the course of their lifetime, there is no set in stone way to accomplish these goals. That is the concept of free will. There is a plan for your life but the daily choices that you make determines how, when, and if you complete the plan. There is no one answer. When we channel information from Spirit, the messages and guidance that flow through us is based on the current energies regarding you and your life circumstance. Spirit cannot make you stay the course, but can offer guidance in a myriad of ways in order to help you stay or get back on track with your life's plan. Because of this, we cannot tell you exactly what will happen in the future.

How do I increase my own psychic abilities, intuition, and spiritual awareness?

We now offer a course specifically created to help you do this based on guidance shared with us from our spiritual team! Visit our Course page to find out more, or visit our Shop to purchase.

How can I learn more?

Click here for additional resources and recommended reading lists. Visit our Blog for informational posts and accounts of our personal experiences with Spirit. Feel free to utilize the Contact Form on the Home page if you have specific questions and we will do our best to answer them or lead you in the right direction to find answers. 

You do not offer refunds, but you do offer cancellations. What does that mean?

Once you have paid for our products or services, we do not offer refunds or returns. If you need to cancel an order you have placed for a product or service, please contact us within one hour of purchase. 

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