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Are you willing to confront yourself to positively change your life?

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From the outside, Jeremy Taylor appears to have it all: a stable job, a wonderful fiancé, and fun-loving friends, but that’s because the life everyone else sees is a filter of the truth…a truth that can only be masked for so long. Under pressure from generational expectations, Jeremy begins to question his life, his purpose, and his daily actions as he navigates through heartbreak, social media, substance abuse, anxiety, fear of breaking gender norms, the awkwardness of online dating, career woes, and self loathing...

But can he be brave enough to admit that it's time to change his life for the better?

Soon the world will be inherited by another generation. What kind of world will that be? What kind of world will we choose for it to be? Will we continue to support a society of crippling social media usage, lifelong student debts, and pressure to cope with life struggles by means of unnecessary pill prescriptions, or will we create a healthier more positive future through the power of our thoughts and choices? For so many of us, regardless of our age, life is often experienced and dictated by a phone screen and unhealthy coping mechanisms, while battling circumstances both unwillingly thrust upon us for survival or from our own choices. Life is not merely about existing amidst insurmountable circumstances, but instead about creating who we are and where our lives will take us through our thoughts, words, and actions.

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From The Author

About three and a half years ago, one of my friends expressed on social media dissatisfaction with the way his life was headed along with sharing various mental health struggles. I was inspired by the post to begin writing a story that I hoped would resonate with and positively influence whomever happened to read it, regardless of their age, status in life, or personal experiences.

All Bets Off is a fictional story inspired by various people, situations, and circumstances that I feel are extremely relatable across multiple generations, particularly Millennials and Generation Z. Certain topics explored in the book include mental health struggles, the opioid epidemic, social media, the student debt crisis, and much more.

Thanks to the tireless editing help from my mom and sister, All Bets Off is now available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon! 10% of the book sales will be donated to charitable organizations that strive to make positive impacts towards issues faced within the book, allowing each person who purchases a novel to be part of positive change.

L.H is a graduate of East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is currently working in mortgage lending specializing in V.A. home loans, although he has always had a passion for writing.

He currently lives in England with his wife and dog.

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Get your copy and make a different in your life and someone else's today!

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What People Are Saying

"What important themes to write about." - Sarah

"It is have done a great job capturing several of society’s current issues.” - Debra

"I am really enjoying it!! Great start to many more books to come, I hope!" - Sandy

"It is a great book!" - E.R.

And 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

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