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"Pluto is now in retrograde. This means its energy is backtracking, and turned inward, causing a powerful spotlight to shine on our inner selves. During this time, Pluto acts like a magnifying glass, making our deepest fears, hidden truths, past traumas, and unresolved issues feel bigger and harder to ignore.

This year’s retrograde, from May 2nd to October 11th, is expected to be particularly impactful. As we journey through this period, we are being given the chance to face our inner demons, heal old wounds, and come out the other side stronger and wiser. It’s a time for reflection, where we’re encouraged to look back on our past, rethink old habits, and make changes for the better. Pluto’s retrograde promps us to explore the depths of our psyche, which can feel intense, but it’s also an immense opportunity for growth and renewal." (taken from Alex Myles- Empath Planet astrology)


Available during Pluto in Retrograde (May 2- October 11)
1. We will intuitively pull 3 cards from The Numinous Astro Cards deck. 
2. A picture of your cards will be shared with you.
3. You will receive a channeled message (1 paragraph in length) from your spiritual team to guide you through the influences of Pluto in Retrograde on your life discussing what needs to be faced and resolved in your life at this time.
Please share your name and full date of birth when placing your order.

*It is possible that from time to time your reading WILL NOT RESONATE WITH YOU. When this happens, that means that you are either blocking yourself from receiving the message OR that you are being prepared for what is coming into your life. Set your reading aside and wait for events to unfold.

Your reading will be emailed to you within 3-5 days of receipt. 

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Ellen and Kelly 😊

*Please note: While some channelers and mediums may be able to predict the future, we do not. The guidance we receive in our channeling is only based on the current energies of the Universe and the client, and these energies are constantly changing which often result in the change of a predicted future event.

Pluto in Retrograde Oracle Reading with Channeled Message

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