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Soul Purpose- Akashic records reading reveals your spiritual gifts and soul lessons, blockages, and karmic information relating to challenges to overcome, and your soul's goals and path in this lifetime.

*Updated as of 3/23/23: This reading has been modified from its original version.

Please share your name and full date of birth when placing your order.



This reading includes a *9-card spread from Kyle Gray's beautiful 'Gateway of Light Activation Oracle' deck, broken into 3 sections, each summarized/explained with a brief channeled message. 

A picture of your spread is also included.


Cards 1-3 (Soul Group information):

1. Your gifts

2. Your energetic frequency

3. Lessons for your soul group in this lifetime (including you)

-Brief Channeled Message explaining the cards and what they mean in your life.


Cards 4-6 (Karmic Challenges you brought into this lifetime to heal):

4. Your energetic blockages

5. Your fears

6. Challenges to overcome for growth and development

-Brief Channeled Message explaining the cards and what they mean in your life.


Cards 7-9 (Your Soul's Plan for this lifetime):

7. Your soul's goal in this lifetime

8. Your intentions now that you are here

9. Your life's path

-Brief Channeled Message explaining the cards and what they mean in your life.


*(9- card spread taken from Kyle Gray's 'Gateway of Light Activation Oracle Guidebook' pages 29-30. Available through Amazon.)


*The guidance we receive in our channeling is based on the current energies of the Universe and the client, and these energies are constantly changing which can result in the change of a predicted future event.



Your reading will be sent to your email address. Your reading is NOT THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. (The digital download is a copy of our terms of service.) If there is a specific email address you wish for us to send your reading to, please let us know when you place your order. 



Your reading will be emailed to your email address within 3-5 days of receipt. 



You can purchase a reading for someone else! Let us know when you order who the recipient is and the email address that you would like the reading sent to. 



A copy of our terms of service is available through instant download.  



Ellen and Kelly 😊


*It is possible that from time to time your reading WILL NOT RESONATE WITH YOU. When this happens, that means that you are either blocking yourself from receiving the message OR that you are being prepared for what is coming into your life. Set your reading aside and wait for events to unfold.

Soul Purpose/Akashic Records Oracle Spread with Channeled Message

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