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What does it mean to be spiritually gifted?

We have been asked this question more than any other from clients in follow-up discussions after receiving readings from us. So, what DOES it mean to be spiritually gifted?

Everyone has access to spiritual guidance and spiritual awareness, but others are more in tune or can recognize this energy easier/on a conscious level more than others.

An empath means that you are more sensitive to energy and emotions of places, people, plants, animals - to all sorts of unseen energies - meaning, you can feel these energies and inadvertently "soak them up" into your own energy field/aura. You FEEL deeply and can always perceive the truth because you FEEL the truth. Empathic abilities and sensitivities fall on a spectrum of awareness and are often composed of layers (conscious awareness, emotional awareness, spiritual awareness) and can also be tied to past life and karmic energies.

A spirit channel is someone who channels their spirit guides or other spiritual beings or symbols and are able to interpret energies and guidance in a way that brings meaning into their lives or the lives of others. Mediums are a type of spirit channelers.

Everyone has spiritual gifts. Being spiritually gifted means that you are aware of these gifts and are able to use them in a way that brings meaning into your life or the lives of others. Spiritual gifts often develop over time and cannot be forced into development, but awareness and acceptance of them can allow them to grow. Spiritual gifts fall on a spectrum which is why some may be "gifted" in different ways than others.

Just as everything in life, spiritual growth and development takes time. Dedication in the form of patience, awareness, acceptance, and self nurturing and nourishment is key to aiding its growth in perfect divine timing. :)

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Blessings in love and light!

Ellen and Kelly

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