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Weekly Exercise: Working with your Dreams

Exercise: Take time each morning (or when you find the time) to write down your dreams or dream fragments from the previous night. Make sure to include any strong visuals (colors, elements, symbols, people, etc.) and emotions that you remember. Jot down any thoughts you have about what the dream or elements within it may signify if you are able. At the end of the week, spent some time pondering on the overall messages shared with you in your dreams. What were they trying to tell you?

*Tip 1: Your emotions and intuition will guide you here. Don't think too hard about it. Usually what you initially suspect the dream is about is accurate.

*Tip 2: Don't be afraid to research the general meaning of dream symbols. This can help you can a deeper understanding of what your dreams mean. However, everyone is unique, so a generalized interpretation of a certain element may not apply to everyone or every dream.

*Tip 3: Pull an oracle or tarot card with the intention of understanding the theme of your dreams.

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