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Sometimes it Really IS the Little Things :)

In our channeled messages received for others and for ourselves there is usually some kind of guidance given about focusing on the positives, the good, the happiness, and the love within your life. As I say frequently (and they have also shared), that's easier said than done. A lot of times this takes active concentration and coaching within oneself, and reminders to come back and focus on the good stuff.

I wanted to take a moment to share a true refocusing on the positive that I forced myself through a few weeks ago.

On this particular morning, I had been working on several days of limited sleep so I could get up early and work before the girls woke up (they get up early too) and staying up later than I would have liked/my body likes in order to spend some time with just my husband...and to postpone a repeat of the same day over and over and over again. It was also one of the rare days during this pandemic that my husband had to go into work, so that left sleep deprived me alone with two busy girls.

That's all in a normal day's work for me; HOWEVER, the baby just transitioned out of a nap AND her mentality right now is "if I'm not happy, no one will be happy." So, I'd been pleading with my spiritual team (my peeps, as I call them) all morning. Please let Gemma be easy today. I feel awful and I need her to be in a good mood. I need her to take a long nap. I need her to be reasonable.

All the parents out there reading this have just burst out laughing, right? Because you should. I got the exact opposite. It's almost 10:00am at this point and I've been awake since 5:30am and haven't had breakfast or my coffee. I've got a screaming baby on one hip, a child who is begging to play "tornado sisters," asking over and over again "Are you ready to play?" and, to top it all off, I bash my elbow SUPER hard on the wall while putting the clothes from the washer into the dryer.

Yeah - it was one of those mornings.

So, I start mentally laying into the peeps. I told you guys I needed help, and seriously?! This?! This is ridiculous, why won't you guys help me out? And then I stubbed my toe.

No, I'm not kidding.

That's when I paused and reflected. This was my stream of thought: Okay, remember, this is temporary. You do this every day. What's some good stuff you can focus on? It's a cloudy day outside today - that's your favorite kind of day, and it hasn't been cloudy here in a long time. It's YOUR day. That's really good. Gemma is about to eat and then she'll go down for a nap. Stella has been really patient this morning and has been a really big helper. The coffee is almost done brewing, and you get to drink it soon. That's a great thing. All you have left for housework is to fold clothes later. You and Stella will play, and then she'll have dance, piano, and learning activities, and then it's lunch time...and then Tyler will be home soon after. This is good. Your children love you so much.You are surrounded by love, and you are growing love by being here for them. It's all going to be okay.

I kid you not, I actually felt some of the stress leave my body and my mood lightened. I MADE myself stay in the positives and it was a GOOD DAY. I had fun running around the house playing "tornado sisters", was calm and calmed down the baby when she was emotional later in the afternoon, and was able to enjoy my family even though I was exhausted. I kept coming back to the positives THROUGHOUT the day and ENJOYED the day.

I know everyone has different circumstances and situations that are stressful or painful, and everyone copes in ways that work for them, but ACTIVELY focusing on the positives has become my new mental routine, and it is helping me release a lot of emotional clutter that I have spent far too long dwelling on when my thoughts drift that way.

In this case, it was an accumulation of the simple joys of life that allowed my eyes to open to see THE joy in my life in the Present moment. :) Yes, peeps, I get it now, and I will continue to focus on the positives, the good, the happiness, and the love within my life.

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