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Q&A on the Higher Self

What or who is my higher self and how can I connect with it?

"Your Higher Self is your soul in its very essence. The Soul. The part of you that is eternally connected to Spirit. The overarching umbrella, so to speak, of all the aspects of you that have incarnated in various forms to learn, grow, and develop as all within the Universe evolve toward peace and unity, compassion and empathy, into One in Love. This is the part of you that is your intuition, the gut feelings that you have, the passions that you feel, the creator of your nightly dreams. This part of you works directly with your Spiritual Team in order to keep you aligned with your purpose so you, as an aspect of your soul, can help it develop and work through karmic energies from an individual standpoint, and bring about light and love through spiritual evolution on a collective standpoint.

You are always connected with your Higher Self, so the better question here would be how to be aware of the guidance it shares with you. In this way we say that meditation is the easiest way, in which you can just BE, whether through quiet time, through a hobby that interests you, through listening to soothing music, through connecting with Nature, through acknowledging your feelings, needs, and wants, and by honoring what you feel to be right and true within YOU. Your Higher Self IS the moral compass within you, whether you listen to it or not, that provides nudges to help you remain on the path that it intended for you, the aspect of this self, to partake. The "still small voice" within you IS you. Quiet the mind, cut out distractions, tune into yourself, and discover who YOU are without the outside influences telling you who you are, and follow through on what you feel is right for YOU. In THESE ways do you hear your Higher Self."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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