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Q&A: On Guardian Angels Across Lifetimes

Do we have the same guardian angel/s that are with us each lifetime?

"First know that each lifetime is unique in regards to what each soul wishes to overcome, heal, and learn, as well as the roles that other souls are contracted to play within the soul's life. Knowing this, the answer to your question is yes and no. Angels, particularly those that agree to be a soul's Guardian Angel for a lifetime, specialize in certain areas, themes, and energies - each have their own strengths, just as you and others that live within the human existence. Based on the overall purpose that you wish to achieve during a certain lifetime is how Guardian Angels are assigned to you and in this way can help you achieve your goals.

In some cases, Guardian Angels that have been with you can choose to become a permanent member of your spiritual team and continue to guide and guard you through many lifetimes. This is often the case of Guardian Angels that work to protect, guide, and heal a collection of souls on their journey together - think family units and deep friendships - as well as when a soul needs several lifetimes in order experience a particular karmic cycle, to heal a certain energy, to learn a certain lesson, or to reach a development milestone.

Guardian Angels from previous lifetimes that choose not to be permanent members of your spiritual team often pop in to provide love and support or assist during certain stages within your life - just because they are not with you permanently does not mean they Love you any less."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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