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Q&A on Deceased Loved Ones

"I was actually a little surprised in my mediumship reading that it sounded just like him, JUST like he used to talk, cursing and all. Is he really the same?"

"Beloved, know that when a soul passes into the spiritual realm, they carry with them their personalities and tendencies. They are an aspect of their Higher Selves, the aspect that YOU knew within the physical, and in this way communicate with you as YOU knew them to be. They do not become saintly or all knowing simply because they have passed into Spirit. There is often times still much growth and learning that takes place as they reflect over their physical life and understand how the choices they made impacted others and the world around them, so they are still existing within a similar vibrational state as when they lived. Their perspective broadens in this sense, but they are still themselves."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guides.

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