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Q&A: Difficulties of Life

Why is life so difficult?

"All souls choose to experience the complete range of what a human life can offer in order to learn empathy, release karmic debts and heal karmic wounds, and to grow and develop certain traits within themselves. It is easy for the soul to believe they will be able to overcome and persevere any challenge easily when they are in Spirit because they feel their eternal connection to Source and have not yet entered the veil of separation of human life. Free Will is always a factor and life does not always go as planned, though there are goals, milestones, development themes, and a line-up of others souls meant to have interactions and relationships with one another in order to assist in the desired growth and development. Because of this, how you choose to view an experience, and more importantly how you go forward from it, it extremely important. Choice and perspective determine life experience because the human existence IS an emotional existence. So, know that without challenge there would not be growth - there would only be complacency. There would be no push to develop certain skills and attributes or to release what no longer benefits you or your life. There must be darkness in order to appreciate the light. There must be despair in order to appreciate elation. Shift your perspective to view challenges and difficult times as teachers as you refine aspects of yourself, learn to trust in and utilize your own abilities and capabilities, learn to embrace the truth and gain wisdom for future experiences, heal your inner self, and listen to your intuition- your ever present connection with the Universal Energies."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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