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Q&A: Balancing Doing/Sharing with Self Care

How do I find a balance between doing and sharing all that I want to do with self-care?

"The answer to your question here is to become an observer of your own body, emotions, and energy levels. When you feel yourself becoming tired or feeling you are doing something out of obligations instead of simply wanting to, switch over to self care and allow yourself to rest. Prioritize what has and needs to be done, and spread out other responsibilities in order to keep yourself from becoming burnt out or resentful. There is no need to accomplish everything in one day. This also helps you to keep your complete focus on each task at hand so it can be done with more efficiency and/or enjoyment, instead of adding stress energy tied to trying to get everything done. Self care is important to incorporate into your daily routine to help your body naturally cleanse your energetic system as well as to honor your bodily systems, but the length of time and the manner in which you do this is dependent on the variables existing within each circumstance."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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Very helpful as always! Important to remember that when it starts to feel like an obligation, the energy is not helpful to yourself or others. Thank you!

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