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Do You Know Who You Are?

My husband didn't know that he would inadvertently spur this blog post into creation when he took this photo of me on Halloween.

Our oldest LOVES Halloween, so we decided to create an outdoor kid friendly Halloween obstacle course/scavenger hunt/candy hunt for our girls instead of trick or treating (which was a lot of fun and may become a new tradition at our house). While she (Cinderella the Witch) and her sister (a tutu wearing duck) ran around searching for candy, Cinderella the Witch got tired of wearing her hat, so I plopped it on my head in order to be hands free to help our youngest. I had no idea my husband had snapped this picture of me until a few days ago when we were backing up pictures onto an external hard drive.

That being said, I love this picture.

Yes, it's an action shot, yes, I think I'm speaking to someone, but in this one quick snapshot my husband captured who I am:

A teacher

A creator

A nurturer

A mediator

An observer

Someone who keeps to herself but is aware of what is going on around her.

Someone who wants to blend in yet have her presence available when needed.

Someone who feels very comfortable in Nature and with herself, and alone with herself.

Someone who is not afraid to be separate by honoring who she is.

Someone who strives to be a calm and steady force for those she loves.

I am these things and more, and some of that 'more' I am just beginning to discover.

Do you know who you are?

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