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What does it mean to be 'psychic?'

During channeled readings, more often than not we are told by a client's guides and guardians that they are psychic or in the midst of a spiritual development. Sometimes, the client replies back with one of the following:

  • I'm surprised! I had no idea that was a possibility for me!

  • How am I psychic if I can't communicate with my guides?

  • How can I increase my psychic abilities?

  • I seem stuck in my spiritual development - how can I speed it up?

  • I want to open up to these abilities, but I'm scared.

We would like to spend this blog post explaining what we have learned from personal experiences as well as through the guidance shared with us through channeled information.

Everyone is psychic. You don't have to do anything or be anything special to have a connection to Spirit. We are all connected to spirit and have a stream of information and guidance coming to us through our connection at all times.

And it's important to remember that we ARE Spirit.

The key here is that some people are "awake" and some are not. By "awake" we mean that they are aware of the connection they have to the Universe and to All. They understand that there are energies greater than themselves that do have a guiding influence in some way, and are open to what those energies may be.

Now, some of you may be saying, "Yeah, I get that, but I don't see, hear, feel, or experience anything considered to be psychic or spiritual. I want to but I can't!"

To that, we say the spiritual connection reveals itself to everyone in different ways, just like everyone has their own unique talents, interests, and lives. Some people can experience their spiritual connection through dreams or premonitions, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, strong gut feelings, a 'knowing,' by seeing reoccurring signs/symbols, through spiritual or religious practices, through meditation...the possibilities are endless.

There is NO ONE WAY to experience your spiritual connection.

We have found (through personal experience) that the harder you try to increase your psychic abilities, the more frustrated and doubtful you become. Divine timing is a real thing, and it's nothing you can force or will into existence (even though we are firm believers in the Law of Attraction).

But what you can do to open and clear the channel to help you become aware of the guidance that you are always receiving are these things:

  • Love and accept yourself for who YOU are. This is a biggie and it's HARD! Here are tips that we have learned through channeled readings to work toward this:

  • Discover what YOUR passions are and act on them in healthy ways.

  • Let go of what or who no longer brings you feelings of love or satisfaction.

  • Set boundaries and learn how to say NO.

  • Speak to and think kindly about yourself.

  • Understand that you don't have to be perfect. You only have to do YOUR best, and this bar lowers and raises.

  • Make time every day to do something that you love or makes you feel happy.

  • Laugh.

  • Spend time outside to re-establish a connection to the Spirit of Nature.

  • Live a balanced life.

  • Take breaks from work

  • Make lists to prioritize what has to be done, what can be done later, what can be done by someone else (or not at all).

  • All foods are fine in moderation (listen to your body - it tells you what it needs and what it doesn't!), but eat what makes you feel good.

  • Let yourself relax and have some fun.

  • FEEL your emotions - don't bottle them up!

  • Observe how you feel and how something/someone makes you feel, then make adjustments as needed.

  • If the same numbers or information "just happen" to come up more than once, look into it.

  • Watch your nightly dreams for reoccurring themes and symbolism.

  • Release the need to control: This is also a biggie, and it looks different for different people who are in different stages of their lives.

  • Try not to be fearful and understand that nothing in the spiritual realm can hurt you.

  • Understand that emotional baggage acquired from living life is REAL and has a lasting impact on people. You can sympathize and empathize while still maintaining personal boundaries. It is not your job to change anyone other than yourself.

  • Find the silver linings in all hard, challenging, and painful situations - use them as an opportunity for self growth and to learn more about who YOU are.

  • Be patient with yourself.

The big takeaway here: To awaken to your psychic abilities begins by going within YOURSELF and cleaning house. As you do this, your psychic gifts and abilities will be free to rise to the surface of your conscious awareness.

We have lots of resources and articles to help you along your way on our website. Be sure to browse around and see what calls to you. Also visit our various social sites and follow us wherever you feel comfortable. And consider a reading from our Etsy Shop. You might be surprised at what is revealed about YOUR psychic gifts and abilities!

Blessings and Light,


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