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Ellen's "Cauldrons, Skeletons, and Howls at the Moon" Channeled Reading

If you're interested in what your channeled reading might look like as you inquire about your fascination with a supernatural being, monster, or spiritual element or ritual, take a look at the reading Kelly received for Ellen about her love of leprechauns! :)


“Beloved Ellen, your love and interest of leprechauns has many roots. We will explore them here. First, you lived several lifetimes as a healer and High Priestess in the Celtic regions, as well as specific regions in what is now Scotland and Ireland. While the work of these beings is not limited to these regions, they are truly believed there. You were helped and guided by several leprechauns, as well as the mystical Pooka, who you also feel a kinship to. The leprechauns helped you gather herbs and plants that you needed for spiritual and protective rituals as well as for potions and blends to help those in your care who were sick or in need of medical attention. There is a leprechaun with you now as one of your guides. Her name is Ivy and she wishes for you to be the embodiment of Magic and Awe. What this means is to see the world as a child does - as a magical and wonderful place full of laughter, joy, and endless opportunities. So if you see it this way and believe it, it will be so. You have also worked alongside of them during your two lifetimes as a Native American medicine woman and during a lifetime on the Frontier. They were not referred to as leprechauns, but you saw them as Nature's Little Elves. The lifetime you had during the Frontier in which they helped you was not as pleasant as your time with the others. Your settlement was deeply rooted in Christianity, and you felt as though you were going crazy because you were seeing them around your house and your children. It wasn't until one of you children, your granddaughter in this lifetime, mentioned the little person who helped her sleep at night did you relax and realize that all was well. The leprechauns are helping to heal you and your heart now, beloved, and are helping you find the joy and magic that you were never able to appreciate and enjoy as a child. They surround you when you go outside on your daily walks and help you step a little lighter along your journey. Ivy is with you always. See and embody the magic, and you will soon see them.”


Remember, this channeled reading is only available through the end of October! For more details and to place an order, visit our Etsy shop!

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