Kelly's "Cauldrons, Skeletons, and Howls at the Moon" Channeled Reading

If you're interested in what your channeled reading might look like as you inquire about your fascination with a supernatural being, monster, or spiritual element or ritual, take a look at the reading Ellen received for Kelly about her fascination in witches! :)

“Beloved Kelly- Your interest in Witches comes from two main sources. First of all your many, many lifetimes as a healer and Shaman, and second, your actual lifetimes as what was called a witch- one of the cunning folk, a healer, a wise one. In your lifetimes as a healer- several in Ireland and Wales, and many in ancient lands of Egypt and the area of Persia and Greece, you lived lifetimes in which you were a gifted psychic, a seer, a prophetess, a priestess, and numerous lifetimes as a herbalist. In your lifetimes as a wise one or witch- which ALL of these aforementioned lifetimes could also be classified as a witch, but because of their more spiritual and mystical nature, we will refer to them separately, but the basics are still there- you were a natural healer and spirit communicator. A healer. And truly the term Witch simply indicates someone who is able to manipulate the natural elements in order to evoke positive change. Someone who deeply understood and used the Law of Attraction. Witch, wise one, cunning folk, healer. Your gifts and abilities as a healer, an herbalist- your work with essential oils- a psychic medium, a spirit channel, reiki healer, and intuitive artist all stem from and are a culmination of your many, many past lifetimes as such. What one builds in past lifetimes within self is never lost. It simply lies dormant, waiting for divine timing to re-emerge. So this is the source of your interest in and connection to Witches. It is unfortunate that there continues to be a negative stereotype attached to the word and to the concept Witch. They were actually the revered and the respected healers of their communities. They offered relief from pain and ills of body, mind, and spirit. Beautiful and spiritual beings.”

Remember, this channeled reading is only available through the end of October! For more details and to place an order, visit our Etsy shop!

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