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2019: Love Yourself- The True You

Happy New Year everyone! Kelly and I hope that your 2019 has gotten off to a good start! Here is a channeled message from Kelly's Guides to you for the new year:

"Dear ones of Earth- as you transition into this new year it is important to remember that the past is not erased. You must build upon the life you are living. For as you build, as you continue, you do make leaps and bounds on your own soul journey. This could mean through rectifying past actions and reactions- making the foundation upon which you build your life sturdier, weeding your garden of the unnecessary, or continuing confidently through the leaps and hurdles along the way. It is very important for you not to focus on the age old saying that you humans tend to say during the beginning of a new calendar year - "new year, new you" - but instead let the new year allow you to discover the "true you." In order to do this, you must turn your sights inward to discover the truth of who you are, of your soul, without judgement, and reflect, accept, and appreciate the pure essence of your soul. Ignore the noise of the outside world with its suggestions on how to transform yourself into a "new and improved you" and instead focus all of your energy inward to discover and appreciate the true you. Through this acceptance and discovery will you find that your dreams manifest and come true. Be who you are and do not struggle to turn yourself into something you are not. Love yourself for who you are and be in awe of what the true you is capable of. That is all, beloved ones. Know that we are with you and always near."

Our partnership has brought and will continue to bring changes and additions to our services and to our website. We are continuing to renovate our combined site, "Bring Forth The Light" and will be posting articles throughout the year on these topics:

1. Channeled Readings

2. Dreams/Dream Interpretation

3. Spirit Communication/Mediumship

4. The benefits and healing properties of Essential Oils and Crystals

5. Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards

6. Kelly's books (and a new book on the way!)

7. And of course, news from our Etsy Shop and Website Shop- Sales events and new listings!

2019 is going to be a year of growth and discovery and we are excited to share it all with you!

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Ellen and Kelly :)

*Symbolism of the picture below (as it relates to the New Year's Channeled Reading):

The number 2 represents partnership (you with your true self). White represents purity, pure intentions. Puppies represent newness of life, new possibilities, loyalty, unconditional love, potential for growth (focus on these qualities when dealing with yourself in the new year!). Being in the basket- this represents the need to look within for your truth. All that is needed can be found within.)

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