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Channeled Message: Only the Spiritual Satisfies

Today's channeled message is in response this question: Why are people interested in the Spiritual, but seemingly afraid of it too?

"People are hungry for the Spiritual. To reconnect with the spiritual selves. The material realm does not satisfy like the Spiritual satisfies. Why then don't people more actively pursue the Spiritual in their lives? Fear. Fear based thinking leads to the spiritual drought that your culture has found themselves in for centuries. Fear based, conditioned beliefs. Afraid of Evil and afraid that the unknown is a dangerous place. There is nothing to fear, Beloved. There is nothing to fear in the unknown. It is simply un- known. The unknown is always scary to people, but again, it is simply un- known. The only true thing to fear is not living up to the potential within one's self. And that potential can ONLY be truly reached when One taps into their Source. The Source of your being, which is Spirit. Do not be afraid to tap into your Source, your own inner being, your own inner Guidance System. You all have a legion of Guardians and Angels guiding your way. The guidance is there. You have only to TRUST and tap in. Let go of your fear and allow yourself to Trust. You are Spiritual Beings who have cut yourselves off from your Source. Of course you hunger for the Spiritual. Know that there is NOTHING to fear. Does the river fear the ocean?"

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