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What is a Channeled Reading?

Updated: May 2, 2023

All of us have the ability to channel. It is an innate ability. Just as natural as dreaming. In my opinion, dreaming and channeling are two sides of the same coin. They both involve receiving guidance from Spirit. The biggest difference: One happens during sleep, the other happens while awake. Any inspired thoughts ARE channeled thoughts. You channel every day, you are just probably not aware of it! And if you can't remember your dreams, channeling is a wonderful alternative source of guidance, as well as a great complement to a remembered dream's interpretation!

The following is an example of a channeled reading that accompanied a dream interpretation that I gave last week. Perhaps it resonates with you, too!

From my Spirit Guides to you:

"You are allowed to be happy. Do what makes you happy. You have sacrificed yourself and your happiness for the sake of trying to make everyone else happy and keeping the peace all of your life. You do not need to sacrifice your happiness for someone else. You are not responsible for keeping everyone else happy by sacrificing your happiness. Be happy and do what brings you joy. This does not take away from anyone. It only enhances and raises the vibration of others. It doesn't take anything away from others. You can not be miserable or lacking enough to please those who are jealous of you. And you cannot be miserable or lacking enough to make those who are jealous of you love you. They must solve their own problems. YOU are not responsible. Do what makes YOU happy and love yourself. By loving yourself you bring joy and love to all who will accept it. You bring joy and love by BEING joy and love. Not by denying it for yourself, but by accepting and embracing it for yourself. Be joy. Be love. This is the way to happiness and it brings the Light to all who will accept it. "

If you have any questions about channeling or would like a channeled reading, please contact Kelly and me through our website @ or through our Etsy Shop @ .



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