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My husband and I live in Eastern North Carolina and have been married for  30+ years. We have been blessed with two sons, one daughter- Kelly, and their beautiful families. I am a retired school teacher. Dreams, spirituality, healthy living, and alternative healing modalities are among my favorite topics of study. I also love working with oracle and tarot cards.


Upon my retirement from teaching, my husband encouraged me to follow my passion for dream work and I became certified in Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Guidance from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA.


I have been channeling privately and working with my dreams for many years. In my opinion, dreaming and channeling are two sides of the same coin. They both involve receiving guidance from Spirit. The biggest difference: One happens during sleep, the other happens while awake. Any inspired thoughts ARE channeled thoughts. You channel every day, you are just probably not aware of it! And if you can't remember your dreams, channeling is a wonderful alternative source of guidance, as well as a great complement to a remembered dream's interpretation.



I was born and raised in North Carolina, which will always be home. Once I married my husband, his military career took us to Texas for four years before being stationed in Florida. While living in North Carolina and Texas, I taught middle school English and creative writing. I'm currently able to stay at home with our two little girls, giving me the opportunity to join my mom here at Bring Forth the Light. 


Along with spirit channeling and communicating with earthbound souls, I am an artist specializing in graphite portraits, have written three novels in my "Shadows" series, co-authored a collection of inspirational short stories with my dad titled "Chew on This," am a certified crystal therapist and reiki practitioner, and am actively pursuing an aromatherapy certification. 

I have written several blog posts detailing my personal awakening to the spiritual realm (no, it was not all rainbows and sunshine), the development of my divinely inspired novel series, and a few of my personal encounters with spirits and ghosts. Check them out here!


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