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Available only during Mercury in Retrograde (April 1 through April 25)
1. We will intuitively pull 3 cards from The Numinous Astro Cards deck. 
2. A picture of your cards will be shared with you.
3. You will receive a channeled message (1 paragraph in length) from your spiritual team to guide you through the influences of Mercury in Retrograde on your life.
Please share your name and full date of birth when placing your order.

Planetary Retrogrades happen when planets appear to move backwards in the sky, causing a shifting in their normal energies and influences. Mercury rules Communication, therefore when Mercury is in retrograde, communications of all sorts can become more challenging. The gift of Mercury in retrograde is that it allows you to take a step back and re-examine things from a new perspective. This can be a time of unexpected change, confusion, and/or complications.

*It is possible that from time to time your reading WILL NOT RESONATE WITH YOU. When this happens, that means that you are either blocking yourself from receiving the message OR that you are being prepared for what is coming into your life. Set your reading aside and wait for events to unfold.

Your reading will be emailed to you within 3-5 days of receipt. 

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Ellen and Kelly 😊

*Please note: While some channelers and mediums may be able to predict the future, we do not. The guidance we receive in our channeling is only based on the current energies of the Universe and the client, and these energies are constantly changing which often result in the change of a predicted future event.

Mercury in Retrograde Oracle Card Channeled Reading

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