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Energy work, through touch or distance, is important for keeping our chakras balanced, clearing blockages, and keeping fresh and positive energy circulated in, through, and around us. Distance Reiki is performed by the practitioner connecting to the client's energy system and sending healing energy through intention. The practitioner uses their spiritual body to direct the healing energy into the client's spiritual body. Each session is ten minutes long. 

Please share with us your preferred name and birth date.

*If you have a specific area of concern that you would like addressed, please purchase a Distance Reiki Energy Session.



  1. Reiki energy is sent to each of the chakras during a ten minute healing session. Blockages are removed so healing may begin.
  2. Detailed notes of your session are recorded (includes visions, messages, helpers, etc)
  3. Oracle card pull to guide you going forward from the session.
  4. Psychic message from your spiritual team in regards to your session and guidance just for you.



Within two hours after your distance Reiki session has ended, you will receive an email containing your session report detailing information from each of the segments listed above and a picture of the card pulled during your session.



You will be contacted shortly after your order is placed to schedule your distance Reiki session. The session will occur on the date and time scheduled by Kelly.


◘ Please note: Every Reiki session is different. This means that what you may or may not experience varies from session to session and person to person. Just remain open and accepting to the healing energies coming to you, and be willing to release what is no longer beneficial for your best and highest good - view the sensations that may accompany the session as a bonus to the healing that your spiritual, emotional, and physical body will experience. You must be open and accepting of the energy that your body will be receiving. If you are closed off from receiving, you will not experience the full healing effect of the energy.



You can purchase a distance Reiki session for someone else! Let us know when you order who the recipient is and an email address that we can reach the recipient so we can contact them in order to schedule their session.



A copy of our terms of service is available through instant download.



Ellen and Kelly 😊


* Kelly is a certified Reiki practitioner, not a medical professional. While Reiki is a wonderful healing technique, it should be used as a complement to, not a replacement of, any medical treatment you are currently receiving.


*It is possible that from time to time your reading WILL NOT RESONATE WITH YOU. When this happens, that means that you are either blocking yourself from receiving the message OR that you are being prepared for what is coming into your life. Set your reading aside and wait for events to unfold.

Distance Reiki Zap: 10 Minute Session

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