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Each of our Amigurumi Animals are handmade by Ellen or Kelly just for you. Choose from Bear, Owl, Fox, Wolf, or Squirrel. 


If you prefer embroidered eyes instead of safety eyes, please let us know.

Not intended for small children.

This is a finished product handmade by Ellen or Kelly.


*If you would like to use your animal as a holiday ornament, please specify.


Choose the type of Friend in the drop-down box. 

(If you prefer a different color for your Bear, customization is available in our Amigurumi Animal Friends listing.)



Each Friend measures approximately 3"- 3 1/2" tall not including ears.



-When unpacking your Amigurumi Friend, reshape by squeezing and reshaping with your hands. Your friend will have had a long journey and will most likely need a ‘plump up’. Make sure the tail on your friend in pushed downward in order to help maintain balance while standing alone.

- Hand wash and air dry only.



Your Friend will be shipped to you within 1-2 weeks of receipt of order. You will be notified through email when your order is received and when it has been shipped to you.

(Processing time depends upon how many orders are ahead of yours, therefore ordering early is recommended.)



Your order is shipped to you via USPS First Class Mail. 



You can purchase a Friend for someone else! Let us know when you order who the recipient of the order is and the address that you would like it sent to. 


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Ellen and Kelly 😊

Handmade Amigurumi Bear, Fox, Owl, Wolf, and Squirrel

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