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Past Life Portraits are hand-sketched in graphite that feature your appearance (bust style) from one of your past lives. A message sharing a general description of this past life as well as how it is significant to your current life's circumstance will be included with the portrait.


*If you have received a separate past life reading from us and are curious about your appearance from a particular lifetime, please feel free to make a request through email when placing your order. 



Your intuitive portrait and psychic reading will be shipped to you within 3-4 weeks of receipt. You will be notified when your order is received, when your portrait has been completed, and when it has been shipped to you.



Your order is shipped to you via USPS First Class Mail. USPS has information available on their website explaining policies and procedures set in place to deliver packages in a safe and timely manner during the COVID-19 pandemic.



You can purchase an intuitive portrait for someone else! Let us know when you order who the recipient is and the address that you would like it sent to. 


◘ Interested in Kelly's intuitive artwork? Visit her online portfolio to view samples of her work!



Ellen and Kelly 😊

Past Life Portrait with Channeled Reading

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