"Trust and Persevere"

"Beloved ones of Earth, you have all experienced tremendous growth, individually and collectively, over such a short amount of time as the Universal Energies have intervened to raise the vibrations of the planet through drawing attention to what no longer works within the human existence for the collective best and highest good. We say to you to trust in us and know that we are working for the best interest of humanity in this way, and to find the strength within yourselves to persevere through perceived challenges. All of you reading this are in fact light workers. Raising the vibrations of Earth has been your mission from the start of your incarnation into this lifetime and you have all of the support of the Universe around you and within you. Continue forward! Push through uncertainty to find peace, love, and happiness within YOURSELVES, and then allow that love energy to project outward in how you live your life. This is your mission and it is more important than you realize. As you continue to see and experience change, within yourselves and the world, know that better things are coming and that the initial stages of change are often difficult because the old must be released to make way for the new. Lean on us, lean on your inner light and knowing of the truth, and lean on those you trust as you take one day at a time. We are surrounding all of you with strength, love, and protection. All is truly well."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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