"See and Embrace the Truth"

"Beloved ones of Earth, we continue to advise you to take each day one at a time, moment by moment if you must. The energies are very intense within and around the world in which you are inhabiting at this time and will continue to be. You are all reaching the peak within this almost climatic build up of energies, and a massive release is coming, both collective and individually, so you must continue to stay strong and be very gentle with yourselves. Many of you are feeling energies at this time that bring your memories back to toxic periods of your life or those which held great negativity or caused turmoil. Your Higher Selves are alerting you to this to help you release the stagnant energies, the energetic ties to the toxicity, and to cut the ties to all that does not support you in a positive way. A purging, if you will. Release it all, dear ones. For releasing this negativity will allow you to move forward. This is what is occurring on a global and individual level. The infection is draining so all can be seen and true healing can begin. Trust in yourself as you explore the emotions that arise, no matter how painful they are, and find the lesson within that will allow you closure so you can move forward and embrace new energies and opportunities without resentments and fear clouding your vision. The Autumn season is indeed a great teacher in this way. Go now, dear one, and know that you are all supported. Change is upon you, and we urge you to continue valiantly forward, one step at a time, and let go of who you thought you were and what has been holding you back to see and embrace the truth in all ways."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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