"Beloved ones of Earth, we ask you once more to continue to draw upon your own strength and the support of those around you, in the physical and the spiritual, as you navigate through these intense energies. Many positive changes are indeed coming through this difficult period, a change in every way, on every level, to impact humanity. It is good, but there is also resistance to this inevitable change, the pushback of negativity, which is causing the intensity of what you are all experiencing on a social and political level. Continue to be resilient. Continue to focus on making healthy and informed choices that support YOUR best and highest good, for those choices support the best and highest good of ALL. Each act of compassion and expression of love IS important and DOES make a difference. Know that we are with you always, sharing strength, love, wisdom, and guidance with all of you. Keep your heads high as you stand up in the name of love and light, a song in your mind, and love in your heart. Much good is coming. For now, focus on one day at a time. We are with you all"

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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