"Reach Within"

"Beloved ones of Earth, as you transition into a new calendar year, a new cycle within the collective as well as the individual, it is up to each of you to make choices that align with your best and highest good in order to enact true positive change. Let us explain. The future is not concrete - the energies of Free Will create the future, which we have described before as a never ending tapestry that is continuously woven and rewoven based on these choices. The unique opportunity you have before you is to be able to create your own future, particularly now as the ability to manifest through your thoughts and emotions is immense. That being said, you have all decided to incarnate into specific situations or circumstances in order to experience certain parts or emotions of humanity as well as to learn specific lessons and overcome certain challenges that could only be possible if you were in those particularly circumstances. SO you must all now choose to see PAST your perceived limitations and restrictions to understand that you DO hold the power to make real change based on how YOU CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE THE WORLD - HOW YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE. This year, 2021, is all about choice, dear ones, and we urge you ALL to reach inside of yourselves and determine what it is you TRULY want, that will align you with your best and highest good, and CHOOSE to rise above any negativity, doubt, or challenge and continue to seek the open windows where the door has shut, to allow your creative mind to help you solve problems and see life in a new way, and to empower and encourage YOURSELVES through how you CHOOSE to think, act, and respond in a way that honors YOURSELF AND those around you. That is all, beloved ones. Know that we are with you always and are helping you all, guiding you to make the choices that support your best and highest good, which sends out ripples of positive energy into the world so others feel empowered to do the same. Reach within, listen to your inner voice, and allow THIS part of you to serve as your guide."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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