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Nightmares and Footsteps

About half the time I will wake up from a disturbing dream, already feeling creeped out, only to become aware of a ghost trying to get my attention...creeping me out even more. Does this happen to anyone else?

In this dream, which played out like a TV series drama, all of the characters were fine and dandy until it switched to show one of the other characters asleep in bed. She turned over to see a twisted red face staring at her. She screamed, the figure swung a hammer at her head, and I immediately woke up and was thankful that my husband was sleeping beside me.

Whenever I have dreams like this, I force myself then and there to think about the deeper meaning behind it. Nightmares are usually our subconscious mind's way of getting our attention, so there are often really important messages within them for us to uncover..

As I'm coming to the conclusion of this dream (which I think has to deal with the Shadow self and the positives that the chaos of change can bring - don't quote me on this, I still have to discuss with my mom 😊), my 6th sense starts to heighten. Yes, that sounds strange, but for me there is ALWAYS an evident shift in the energy around me. I can feel someone enter the room and see in my mind's eye that the door has opened (even though it didn't really open) and that the ghost of a child is walking up to my side of the bed. I FELT the energy grow as this child approached and heard the footsteps on the carpet.

Coupled with this dream, I was not in the mood or right head space for it. I said to myself, "Nope - I can't deal with this tonight!" I immediately called in Archangel Michael to take this child into the light and to take any other beings into the light that needed to go, to surround my home in white light, asked for an angelic protector in my room and each of my girls' rooms, and then called in Tiger to help me feel secure so I could go back to sleep.

Overreaction? Maybe...BUT, as we have shared before in others blog posts, YOU are in control - whenever you feel unsettled, use your spiritual resources to help you regain balance and feel settled. It's nice to have tools ready and available for when you need them, no matter how creepy the experience may be. 😊

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