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* "Chew on This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder" is a book of inspirational short stories by Gary Brock and Kelly Tuck, and is available for purchase here!

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It is May 7th - the National Day of Prayer. This year will be very different. The virus is amongst us and we cannot gather, congregate, or collectively offer our petitions and praises outward and upward. It is only fitting in a year where almost everything has been turned upside down that our chosen speaker is none other than Guru Garysheema, a man who seems to have the ability of making one think outside the box. His presence will be live streamed from the courthouse steps so all of us may pray along with him at home.

Right on cue, 12:00 p.m. on the dot, Guru Garysheema slowly ascends the steps of the courthouse, turns, and bows to the virtual audience. He places both hand in front of this chin says, “May we pray.” And then there is only silence…for several minutes. I’m sure I glanced up at my screen no less than ten times to make sure there wasn’t a lag in the stream or that I had become disconnected. Suddenly, the guru breathes, “Amen.”

Confused, I stare intently into my screen just as intently as the guru. He smiles and asks softly. “And did you pray? I do hope so. For prayer is the substance of those things hoped for. Today is our National Day of Prayer. It is the first Thursday of each May we as a nation set aside and turn to God in prayer and meditation. It has been observed in this, our country, in many variations since the infancy of our great nation. This is a day we as Americans join together and petition God for America’s continued providence and for wisdom of our nation’s leaders. So, I ask again, did you pray?”

Guru Garysheema pauses, gazing into the distance as if he is looking and wide over a horizon. “Some may answer, ‘no, I do not pray anymore.’ Look around at everything…does it look like God is answering prayers? Look at the poverty, the strife, the suffering, the disease, the crime, the bickering, the greed, need I continue? Do you actually think my oneprayer can actually make a difference to end it all when it has been created through many choices from many individuals for many years?”

The guru waits once again before stating softly. “I answer that question, with another: what if everyone said just one prayer? Prayer is the greatest wireless connection. One prayer of love, one prayer of peace, one prayer of harmony, one prayer of healing, one prayer of compassion, one prayer of contentment…just one prayer is no longer a single prayer.

“Remember, it only takes one grain of rice to tip the scale, and maybe your prayer is that one grain of rice. Consider the ocean; it is merely a collection of many individual drops. On African proverb says, ‘when spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.’ It has also been said, ‘a chain link fence is only as strong as its weakest link.’ You see, you do matter, your prayer matters, each of our prayers matter. While, yes, we are individuals, we are individuals within a collective. We are the sum of our parts. Many call our unseen thoughts the collective consciousness. Prayers are our thoughts. Maybe it is your thought, your prayer that will make the difference as the collective also prays for the difference. Remember, the most beautiful tapestries in the world are no more than individual strands of fabric weaved together. Alone it is merely string, together in a mutual purpose it is a beautiful work of art.”

The guru falls silent before gazing into the screen with a smile, his face etched with wrinkles marking kindness. “Prayer is a verb, an action to bring about desired change with your will, your intention, your very essence.” Slowly he closed he eyes, bowed his head, and said, “And now, together…

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*Chew On This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder is available for purchase here!

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