Need Food for Thought? Chew on this!

* "Chew on This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder" is a book of inspirational short stories by Gary Brock and Kelly Tuck, and is available for purchase here!

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You must plant the seed! You must plant the seed! You must plant the seed! The Bible says, ‘God will not be mocked, for whatever you sow you shall surely reap.’ God’s Word goes on to say, ‘…faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ God wants you to show your faith by sowing today what you will not reap until tomorrow!” The televangelist exhorted, staring upward to Heaven, his outstretched arms holding the Bible in one hand and a seed pouch in the other. “Don’t wait or hesitate! Sow your seed for God is great! Plant your seed for blessings God will create! God has laid this message on my heart today, it’s up to you, now don’t delay! Ye that have ears, let him hear!”

The Reverend began to share an elaborate personal faith testimony to show how God broke the chain of poverty in his life because of his faith in “seed sowing," by donating what little he had to others all the while hoping God would bless him in return. The camera zoomed in on his face as he said, “Now it is your turn, friends. I want each of you to sow your seed of faith. I want each of you to sow a seed. I am not asking for a seed of twenty-five, fifty, or even one hundred dollars. I am asking for you to step out on faith and plant a seed that will come back to you one hundred times over! I am asking you to plant a seed of one thousand dollars with our ministry! God will surely bless you, just like God has surely blessed me. Sow your seed now! Sow your seed and sit back and wait for God’s bountiful harvest on your life. God will shower down his blessing on all who plant a seed. Call the number on the screen, we have ministry partners standing by that will assist you with your seed sowing and will pray with you. Pick up that phone, call now, sow your seed, and see just how much God will bless you!” And with that, the sermon concluded and Reverend Moolah bowed his head in prayer.

I thought to myself, Let me get this straight: sow your seed gift so God will bless your personal harvest. So…is the seed for the growth of God’s kingdom on Earth or is the seed for the growth of the giver’s kingdom on Earth? Is the seed for God or is the seed gift for Reverend Moolah’s ministry? Is it an act of faith to sow the seed and the seed to be sowed goes directly to the ministry of Reverend Moolah? Maybe the entire story about his sowing seeds of faith was really just him greasing the pump so the audience would grease his palms.

If he had asked his audience to find a worthy cause that benefits your fellow man and sow a seed in that way, I might feel differently. Is the reason we want to sow seeds out of self-interest? Is it to give so I can get? I thought giving was all about ‘letting go.’ If I am expecting something in return, I’m definitely not letting go because there are strings attached. Is it not better to give without expectation of receipt? Must giving be attached to expectation to have been given in faith?

If one does not achieve should one still believe? Is it not true that good and great things will come from good and great intentions, whether seen or unseen? Is it necessary to receive or know the results to have faith? Maybe when we plant seeds we should have more in mind than just ourselves, than the immediate. Maybe it is more important to…

* * * * * * *

Plant seeds that will become trees under whose shade

you may never know.

* * * * * * *

*Chew On This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder is available for purchase here!

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