Need Food for Thought? Chew on this!

* "Chew on This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder" is a book of inspirational short stories by Gary Brock and Kelly Tuck, and is available for purchase here!

*Words of wisdom for inspirational thought are at the end of the story!


“Wow, that’s interesting,” the cashier said, bewildered.

“What’s that?” I asked, glancing to my debit card in concern. “Is there a problem?”

“No, sir, but, it’s the strangest thing…” The cashier handed my card to me. “Your card recorded the total sale of $10.98 and then actually rounded up the total debit amount to eleven dollars!”

“Oh yeah,” I nodded. “I’ve got an app that connects to my debit card that rounds up every purchase I make up to the next nearest dollar.”

“What does it do with the extra cents?” asked my buddy who had accompanied me to the store. “Do they go into a savings account or something?”

“No,” I grinned with pride, “this app actually accumulates the cents in an internal account and transfers the money to charities of my choice once it reaches twenty-five dollars.

“That is so cool,” the cashier said, handing me my grocery bags. “I’m going to look into that. I can always spare a few cents.”

“Just research ‘Give Now’ and you can read all about them and download the app from there.”

“Thank you so much for all the information, sir. You have a wonderful day!”

“You too,” I said, waving as me and my friend headed toward the door.

“Man, that app is really interesting,” my buddy replied once we’d made it to the parking lot. “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of something like that.”

“Yeah, I thought it was neat when I stumbled upon it.”

“Does it ever amount to much money for the charity?” he asked.

“Well,” I shrugged, “I guess that depends on how often you use the card the app is synced to.”

“Sure,” he began, “but it seems to me like a couple cents here and a few cents there don’t really add up to much. You know what I mean? How much can you really help with pennies, especially if you split up the amount between charities?”

“I see your point, but I like to believe that every little bit can make a difference.” My brow furrowed. “I’m just trying to do my part.”

“I know, I know, and, hey, don’t take what I said wrong. I love your spirit, man, it’s just…” He winced slightly. “It seems like it would take a whole lot of transactions, more than what the average person makes, before these charities can actually feel the benefit.”

I sighed in agreement. “Well, pennies make dollars.”

As we approached my truck, I bent down and picked up an empty drink can from the parking space next to us. “What’re you doing, man?” my buddy asked.

Tossing the can into the truck bed, I unlocked the vehicle and we climbed in. “I pick up aluminum cans whenever I see them and collect them from several local businesses and carry them over to Our Redeemer Church. They have a big aluminum can recycling trailer that they take to the recycling plant every month. All proceeds from the recycling bin go into their benevolence fund for folks in need in the community.”

My buddy chuckled. “So, they turn trash into treasure.”

“Yeah,” I beamed, starting the engine, “I never thought about it like that, but that’s exactly what they do.”

“How much is one empty can worth?”

“Around two and a half cents.”

“Whoa,” his eyebrows skyrocketed, “it’s going to take a bunch of aluminum cans to create some benevolence, isn’t it? It’s a good thing they’ve got you looking out for them, huh?”

“Dude,” I shook my head with a slight chuckle while fighting the sting of irritation, “you are raining on my parade today!”

“I’m sorry, man,” he said sheepishly. “I don’t mean to…I think I’m just trying to understand. I really admire what you are doing, but it just seems like a whole lot of squeeze for just a little juice, and a lot of work for a little reward. So, why bother?”

Pulling out of the parking lot, I replied, “I guess it just depends on how you look at it. Think about this: an acorn is small, but you know it can grow into a magnificent oak tree. There’s a famous saying that a grain of rice can tip a scale. I’ve always been taught that whether saving, spending, or giving…

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*Chew On This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder is available for purchase here!

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