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March 31 - April 6, 2024

From the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck: Complacency - I am feeling the loss of my dreams.

Taken from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook:

"Life force energy must be taken seriously. Are you standing tall in your own dreams or trying to build on someone else's? Sadness and an inability to disassociate from a lost dream can show up here. It is time to walk away from anything that does not deeply resonate with you. Release and be set free.

  • Legend: At the end of her life, Flo reflects on the dream she shared with her late husband to move to Florida. They never went. After Flo dies, her daughter discovers that her parents had enough money to move there. As she plans what to do with her inheritance, she wonders why her parents never lived their dream.

  • Inspiration: This is a warning not to give up! Beware of coasting along in a situation that is not what you really want. You will never be fulfilled by the unmet dreams of others.

  • Personal Inquiry: How can I redefine my dreams? How can I stop procrastinating?

  • Key Ideas: Finding self-nourishment; leaving dreams unrealized; feeling depleted; time for deep rest; lack of motivation; holding back

  • Keywords: Daring, indomitability, reclamation

  • Meditation: Imagine yourself doing the very thing you desire. Can you feel the joy of participating in your dream? Look back at when you are leaving behind to live your dream. For example: how would you live with less money? When you are ready, move toward the joy. Open your eyes. What has been revealed?"


*There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to generalized readings. You must analyze the energies present in your own life based on the relationships, situations, struggles, successes, dreams, and fears you are currently dealing with in order to apply this guidance into your daily life this week.

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